Carlyn Clark is textile artist/designer, based in Southern California, who produces fabrications by hand using harvested and foraged natural dyes layered with painting, printing, stitching and fabric manipulation.

She has over 40 years of experience in the fashion and interiors industries starting with her first fashion brand, Choosey Beggar, in 1980. From 1988-1994 she devoted her time to furthering children’s art education, serving as the Executive Director of the Westside Arts Center in Santa Monica, CA. She maintained her art practice by painting children’s furniture, which grew into a business, Knobelties™. She sold the business in 2009 to move to Shanghai, China as a trailing spouse. Returning to the US in 2012 she rediscovered the joy of making, focusing on dyeing, printmaking, painting, hand-stitching and mixed media, furthering her knowledge with intensive workshops with master dyers, Aboubakar Fofana, Michel Garcia and John Marshall. In 2018 she joined the Hana Kark Art Collective.