Hello! I'm happy to share my work with you. I'm a student of textile techniques from around the world. I use plant and mineral based dyes and pigments to color textiles blending traditional and contemporary techniques. I cut and stitch (by machine and by hand) the fabrics I create to make functional and decorative homewares that add color and style to your environment. I welcome custom projects and collaborations. Drop me a line of you're inspired by what you see and want to learn more.  

Would you like to purchase fabrics, pillows and such that feature my designs? Have a look here.

Would you like to see the collection of surface design patterns I have available to sell or license? Please request a password and the link to my protected portfolio.

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In the meantime, here's what I've been working on lately:

Over an eight month period ending in September 2018 I collaborated with seven artists on sixteen pieces of art collaged on paper. Each artist created two first layers, using a 15” square piece of Rives BFK paper. We then sent the work off to two different artists, who each added a layer and then sent them off to the next artist in the rotation. This continued until we had fifteen pieces of art (one went missing in the mail) that each of eight artists had worked on.


Linen Indigo Pillow

100% linen fabric was stitched before dipping in my vat of USA grown and processed indigo. A fragment of cotton voile was hand-stitched onto the front of the cushion using thread that bound the fabric.


Journal Covers

Cover inexpensive composition books with hand dyed or printed and dyed fabric. One fat quarter will cover a journal.