It's Raining!!! and that made me want to create a new color palette

Carlyn Clark's color palette in honor of the first rain in months

We haven't had rain in such a long time here in perpetually sunny Southern California. When we woke up to rain this morning I stood at the kitchen window watching it come down for the longest time, transfixed. Later, as I headed out for the market (after excitedly relocating my raincoat and rubber rain shoes) I snapped this photo off the front porch. It looked a bit surreal and out of place, and slightly Jurassic. The palm trees reminded me of elephant feet,  the colors seemed heightened and intensified, and there's a crazy juxtaposition of a pine tree with an azalea. Perhaps my imagination is overblown, but it looks like an elephant is tromping through the yard. What you don't see here is the mostly dead lawn that we haven't watered since restrictions went into place from the drought. Soon we'll be getting rid of the lawn entirely and replacing it with a California, drought-friendly xeriscape.