daily sketch

I'm really intrigued by plaid lately. Guess it's not too surprising since it's really just stripes gone both directions; stripes being my favorite go-to neutral.  I started with  a small textural painting I did, cropped it and manipulated it in Photoshop . I recolored it to represent indigo dye processes.

Final Product, "Glitchy Indigo Plaid"

section of 12" square original painting. woven-textured paper with gesso, acrylic paint, acrylic ink and gel medium. Paint applied with brushes, credit cards (my favorite tool!) and my fingers. Textures created by using various found objects to remove sections of paint.

section of the painting I cropped in Photoshop, I then stretched it, applied many filters, cropped it again, rotated 90°, cropped some more, re-connected the cropped bits, adjusted transparency and applied more filters