Chromatic Collaboration


As part of Hana Kark, Caryl St. Ama, Margaret Lazzari, Nancy Kay Turner and I are working on a collaborative project that will explore Blue, Orange, Green, Red, Yellow and Purple. We’ll individually create 25 birch plywood panels, 6” x 6” each, in each color. We’ll be exhibiting the work during our Summer 2019 Residency at the Glendale City College Art Gallery.


“Against a Shining Horizon”

25 orange panels, each 6” x 6”. 30” x 30” overall.

“Writ in Water”

25 blue panels, each 6” x 6”. 30” x 30” overall.

Industrial waste chambray fabric, pleated and dipped into an indigo dye vat. Stitched with DMC threads and laminated onto individual birch plywood panels.



25 green panels. 6” x 6”