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I first became involved in this project in October 2017 Nancy Kay Turner invited me to participate in a collaborative art project. Nancy, inspired by the 2005 Karkhana: A Contemporary Collaboration, had been working on some individual collaborations and was interested in expanding the concept. For this round, five artists would be working collaboratively, but separately, to create small pieces of art. This is the work created by Portico Bowman,Nancy Kay Turner, Luke Reichle, Caryl St. Ama and I between April 2017 and December 2018.

 We were so encouraged by the process and the finished artwork that when Nancy asked us to do another round, adding additional artists, we all agreed. This project resulted in 15 pieces of new work, titled Route/Rut/Lane which we ultimately showed at Shoebox Projects in October 2018 and at LeMieux Galleries, as part of Kolaj Fest, in July 2019.

From these experiences we decided to formalize the group into a collaborative collective, and Hana Kark was born.

This summer we’ll be doing our first residency at The Art Gallery @ GCC.