Rut/Route/Lane 2018

Over an eight month period ending in September 2018 I collaborated with seven artists on sixteen pieces of art collaged on paper. Each artist created two first layers, using a 15” square piece of Rives BFK paper. We then sent the work off to two different artists, who each added a layer and then sent them off to the next artist in the rotation. This continued until we had fifteen pieces of art (one went missing in the mail) that each of eight artists had worked on.

The eight artists: S. Portico Bowman, Carlyn Clark, Johnny Fox, Margaret Lazzari, Luke Reichle, Chris Russell, Caryl St. Ama, Nancy Kay Turner.

The project culminates with an exhibition at

Shoebox Projects

Brewery Arts Complex 660 South Avenue 21, #3 Los Angeles, CA 90031

October 12 - 27, 2018

Opening Reception, October 12, 7 - 9 pm.

The fifteen completed collages. Each is 15” square and has been worked on by all eight artists.


Spiritual Dilemma, Layer 1

This is my first layer. I tore the paper up and did a rust-dye process on each piece. On one piece I laid rusty nails between two sheets of paper, sprayed them with vinegar and let them sit for a few days. I dipped another piece of the paper in that rusty solution and cut holes in the paper. I did encaustic painting on rice paper, cut it up and layered it behind to peek through the holes. I used indigo dyed Japanese cotton thread to stitch the papers down.

Spiritual Dilemma, Finished

Some of the works in the series became very heavy and opaque and it’s almost impossible to see where the early layers are, but some, like this one, clearly show the individual layers and transistions between the artist’s work. As I worked on later layers I often felt as though I was having an imaginary conversation with the earlier artists, trying to image what they were thinking, feeling or expressing as they worked.



Layer 1, The Lost One

This is the other first layer I did. It disappeared in the mail somewhere between Vancouver Canada and L.A.

I used the same encaustic painted rice paper and torn pieces of paper, stitching them with very fine thread.