This workshop will explore hand stitching and embroidery techniques emphasizing textile repair and mending.  

Garment repair has become much more than a chore. Add pattern and texture through embellishment as seen in Indian Kantha and Japanese Boro traditions.  Instead of throwing away a torn or damaged piece of clothing or fabric participants will be shown how the damage offers the opportunity to create a new surface design enhancing the beauty of an object while creating a story relaying it's history.  

During the workshop we will take time to think about and explore the versatility and strength of embroidery for mark making, emphasizing the slow, meditative rhythm of hand stitching and the pleasure of having time to make and mend.

Inspiring artists: Tom of Holland, Stewart Easton, Luke Deverall of Darn & Dusted, Celia Pym, Katrina Rodabaugh. You might also like to visit my Pinterest page on visible mending for inspiration.

Classes are held in my Dye Garden Studio in the San Gabriel Valley. (Address will be emailed to you after sign-up)

Private classes are also available. Email me for more info.

As requested by my students, I’ve added the indigo-dyed D-Core thread we use in the workshops. You can order it here.



Supplies provided:

One Mini-Mend Kit of your choice

Threads (to order what we use in the workshops, visit the sale page.)

Photos for of stitches and mending for inspiration


Supplies you should bring:

Damaged item(s) you’d like to repair




Patches, fabrics, threads that are meaningful to you (not a requirement)