The 100 Day Project - Day 2 of 1 Motif 100 Ways

I'm starting out simply with the original motif repeated in a half drop pattern in 2 colors. There's also a multi-colored version, which I'm not posting publicly for copyright security. 

This project lends itself to the Patternmash Project  for April "Azulejo". Azulejos are tin-glazed Spanish and Portuguese tiles found on churches, homes, schools and public buildings. They originally offered an important temperature control function, but today are used as a decorative feature and often relay important historical stories from Portuguese culture.

Azulejo comes from the Arabic word الزليج (az-zulayj) or zellige, which loosely translates to polished stone. Originally intended to mimic Roman mosaics, the designs reflect Arab influences of interlocking geometric or floral motifs.

I'm naming each pattern after a Portuguese village. Today's village, Carvalhas, is located in Northern Porugal in the Barcelos municipality, had a population of 691 in 2011 and is 1.3 square miles in area. It's history goes back to the 13th Century. 

Day 2 of The 100 Day Project

Day 2 of The 100 Day Project